Cosmetic Solutions For Eyelashes

According ancient Rome the ideal eyes consisted of large lenses and long lashes. And it’s not wrong to say that overtime these standards of beauty has not seen major changes. And among women the love for owning thick lashes is still great. The human hair on the head is known to grow up to three years in time period lengths while lashes only grow for the limited period of three months before they fall out. Thankfully modern day technology and advancement in science has come to our rescue there are lot of procedures which can help you with alluring lashes. This article will inform you few known cosmetic solutions in the world today.

Through this cosmetic surgery, you can make your lashes look longer and it is eyelash extension. During the process a synthetic lash is applied to each natural lash this is achieved through the assistance of a special connection material. As it is natural to shed lashes over time, you might lose synthetic ones along with the natural ones. Therefore, it is necessary to attend for monthly refills and touch ups. This process is very crucial and intense in service which requires precision and skills. It is advised to meet an experienced lash artist who holds licence for cosmetology work. Make sure to check with the person for any possible allergies you might have before going ahead with the process. At the initial treatment, you might experience eye soreness and redness which will go away in a weeks’ time.

Another procedure which is known to increase the number of hairs on your eyelids is the procedure of implanting lashes. This procedure was initially introduced to help people with less hair on their eyelids due to problems brought on by genetics and trauma. However, since of late cosmetologist have been using this procedure as a means of thickening and enhance the appearance of lashes, another method of achieving this outlook is by eyelash perm.

There is a medicine which could also help with lash related issues. The drug is known as latisse commonly used among people suffering from glaucoma. It was later approved for use for people suffering from low lash growth. It is only taken under strict prescription. As per cosmetic purposes it is administered once every day by the aid of an applicator on the base of the eye. If you are a heart patient or have any hard allergy issues it may not be advisable for you to use this procedure. So, the above-mentioned methods are the currently available methods to tackle your men eyebrows related problems make sure to get a good medical check-up for following a procedure to avoid unwanted issues.