Feeling Comfortable Throughout The Work Day

Working a 9-5 is hard enough, but add in the required work ‘look’ and it can be hell. Men are expected to be in suit and tie with tight shoes no matter what weather it is. Women have to wear tight skirts they can barely walk in, or pant suits that have too many layers. Let’s not forget that many work places also require women to be in heels, which are often uncomfortable and not suitable to walk around in.

So here are some ways in which you can remain comfortable throughout your wok day.

Carry EasyWhat you carry with you to work plays a big role in how comfortable you are. There are plenty of suitcases and classic handbags that are super uncomfortable due to stiff straps and rigid frames, despite looking amazing. Invest in something with padded handles and straps and made of soft material like Toyboy bags, which are made from PVC and have no resistance when it rubs against the body. This will help you forget that you even carry a bag. Also make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to prevent shoulder pain.

Wear EasyOnce you have Toyboy bag in Singapore, you need to focus on your clothes. No matter what the weather is, breathable fabrics like cotton and silk are the best options. While synthetic materials may be cheaper, they are not always the most comfortable and definitely do not absorb sweat. If you do not have a choice, look for thermal-adjusted vests and skinnies; some are designed to trap heat for the winter months and others keep the body cool during the hot seasons.

Accessorize EasyShoes can always be a pain, especially if you need to go for style over comfort. Ladies, if those heels are too tall or too narrow, invest in a few pairs of silicone heels. These are jelly-like moulds which you can slip on to the sole of the shoe/sandal and which will provide extra cushioning for those areas of the foot that presses down a lot, like the heel and the instep. Men can also get these soles to slip into their work shoes, which can become just as uncomfortable. However, they can also get thermal pads which absorb heat and keep the feet cool. An easier way of doing this is to remove your shoes while you are seated, to allow your feet to relax and only put them back on when you absolutely need to.

So try the above tips and you will realize that your day does not need to be miserable after all!