How To Make Sure I Don’t Regret My Years In College

Expert advice for college students who don’t want to carry regret into their adult life…

 Understand the reason for attending college

 Many people really not recognizing the reason for attending college. Learning simply doesn’t cover it. Your college days are the time of self discovery, of getting to know your talents and capabilities. It is the time you get yourself a qualification that will be the stepping stone for your long journey ahead. In short, your time in college is when you hone your skills and prepare yourself for the battle more commonly known as “adult hood”. So whether you are working on getting a engineering diploma or a doctor in training, you need to get your priorities straight and your goals in focus.

 Don’t teach yourself habits you’ll need years to overcome

 Without a doubt, your years in college will lead you to many habits. And if you ask us, it’s always better to experience something or try something out; rather than regret not trying it out your whole life. Some habits we accumulate will benefit is later on in life as well; like our talents at multitasking (ever tried getting an engineering degree while simultaneously doing an online building surveying course Singapore?). Some habits, life will help us shake off in the right moment; like your habits of sleeping late or partying all weekend. Unfortunately, habits or addictions like drug usage or smoking cannot be shaken off that easily. Our advice? Try everything out, by all means. But don’t form a habit of anything.   

 Don’t tangle yourself in big commitments – relationships and loans tattoos

 A common mistake many young people make now-a-days is getting involved with big commitments. Relationships, for example. Sure, it’s hard to control your emotions; but it’s harder yet to support a family while handling college and a part time job. Quite similarly, it’s also important that you don’t involve yourself in big loans or installment plans that will drag for years. It’s stressful; and also will keep you limited once you are done with college¾making it hard for you to take up opportunities as it comes. There is also one last commitment we’d like you to warn you about; that is tattoos. Sure; it can be covered, and it’s more normal than it used to be. But there is no denying that there is a stigma against it or that it is frowned upon by certain professions. If you have to get a tattoo, get it in a place that can be easily hidden away by your clothing.  

Be wise about who you confide your ideas with

 Because your brain is being constantly put to work, it’s natural that you come up with a few great business plans during your college days. And we are firm believers that your college mates will make fantastic business partners, it is important that you pay attention to who you confide your ideas to. If you’re not careful, you will be giving away your business plans to someone who has the means of seeing it through before you¾which makes your plan a copy of theirs…