Importance To Protect The Street Dogs

Most of us love to adopt or pet dogs. We all love those pet dogs because they are loyal, cute, clean and adorable. And we all treat our dogs as a one of our family member and we do all the necessary things for that dog. But when it comes to street dogs the situation will be right opposite. The reason because they are no clean, they might be aggressive, not cute and adorable. But we all have to understand that these factors are not justifiable to hate street dogs. Actually they will be aggressive and bite us only if we disturb or cause harm to them. They are also similar to our pet dogs, because they only have 5 senses and we cannot expect perfection from these dogs. As a human being who have 6 senses have to understand this fact.

The true fact is that we cannot adopt all the street dogs and we cannot take care of each of them. But what we can do is, we can be a dog shelter volunteer, who can spend some times with these dogs in order to guide and save their lives. There are so many government and private organizations which also established to protect the animal’s rights. Also there are so many volunteers and group of volunteer who are also interested in this animal protection. Other than this, we have to accept that there are so many people who contribute and participate in these organizations in order to encourage them.

These days we can see that there is volunteer animal shelter in Singapore across the globe, which in order to save the lives of these animals do so many fund raising activities. They do funding, car washes, selling hand crafts and arranging fun events etc. They collect money from this methods and use that fund to protect the lives of innocent animals. They spend it for animal’s food, medicines, accessories and other needful things for animals. Here we have to accept the fact that without the participation and contribution of the people, this volunteer can’t collect these funds.

Also in our current society there are some people who are willing to adopt these street dogs and take the full responsibilities of them. And some other people who are willing to provide veterinary services for the street animals. And these people have given their organizations name and contact details in social media. Here our role is to inform this people about the animals in our surrounding which in need of helps.