Offbeat Uses Of 3d Technology

Three dimensional or 3d technology is the latest technology to watch out for. Technically speaking, 3d technology was used for printing for the first time, in 1984. The technology has been extensively used in the entertainment industry and for digital media as well. We all must have seen or heard about 3d films, animated movies or images. However, printing using the technology is still in its nascent stage. But soon the technology will take the world by storm given its widespread applications and uses in almost all industrial sectors.

The 3d printers can be applied to various fields and industries, such as aerospace industry, automotive industry, medical industry, schools and educational institutions and many more. The medical field can experience revolutionary changes with this printing technology so that artificial organs can be made, such as bionic ears from tissue cells, or scaffolding or lung splints or prosthetics too can be made like artificial legs. The printers can be applied as part of therapy too, especially sensory therapies where the objects can be touched and felt. In schools too, the technology can help bring into solid form digital images of various things thus making it possible for children to touch, feel, see and learn about various objects.

The 3d technology based printing machines need not be made and purchased only for the above mentioned noble causes. You too can buy 3d printer in Vietnam and put it to use for a number of offbeat applications and to create interesting objects. Some creative uses of the technology and the printers include:

● Making 3 dimensional images of your face in chocolate. Sounds fascinating and offbeat all at once.
● Unique covers and cases for mobile phones can be made using the printers. For example, your fingerprint can be converted into the design for iPhone back covers. And it will give the phone a unique and interesting cover. Similarly, any design can be turned into reality for mobile phone covers using the printers.
● Coffee cup holders or sleeves can be made from 3d printing machines. These collapsible and reusable sleeves can replace the paper ones, thus protecting the environment.
● Honeycomb shaped structure can be made using the technology and at click at the end of the day.
● A molecular structure can be made of objects, like water or coffee or caffeine, in materials such as felt or long lasting ones. The resultant items can be used as coasters.

Summing up
You can fight mediocrity by creating new and unique items from the 3 dimensional printing technology machines. All that is needed is a creative mind, the printers and the urge to experiment.