That Bump On Your Toe?

Have you ever heard of bunions? A bunion always a condition where the bone at the base of your big toe will grow outward into a painful and prominent bump. It can also be witnessed at the base of your little toe, but in such cases, it is often referred to as a bunionette (or even to as a tailor’s bunion). Research shows that bunions are more common in women than men – and as you would have guessed it, the reason to this is because women tend to wear more restrictive footwear than men do in general (i.e. the infamous high heels). It is also quite common in dancers and individuals who just do not walk properly, as well as individuals who might have other conditions such as flat feet or arthritis.

It is quite easy to notice a bunion due to its prominent nature, but there are also other symptoms (which might not manifest in certain cases). The medical background behind a bunion has often a deformation or misalignment of your toe bone, but it can also be due to the formation of an extra bone. A bunion can grow progressively worse over the years unless it is attended to – and in such extreme cases, a bunion surgery in Singapore is often the only way to cure the condition. However, the pain and swelling that accompany most bunions often make individuals seek medical help, and thus, most bunions can be cured with modest and non-invasive methods.

The foot doctor will often have you undergo an X-ray, after which he or she will assess the anatomy of your foot and decide what the state of your bunion is. It is worthy to note here that bunions can often point to underlying other conditions such as gout or arthritis (and therefore, the examination is often worth the effort!). As long as the physician does not determine your bunion to be very problematic, he will suggest treatments such as wearing looser and wider shoes (such as sandals) – which often have soles with special supportive features – to reduce the stress on the bunion. Women will most often be advised to refrain from wearing high heels and other types of footwear which can aggravate the bunion.

In addition to advising you to use special types of footwear and asking you to increase your resting periods, the doctor will also recommend you to various orthopaedic treatments that can improve the misalignment of your toe bones. Together with other measures such as ointments and the use of ice packs, these treatments can almost always cure bunions, but in special cases you might need to resort to surgery after all.