Tips For Healthy And Strong Teeth

Our teeth are subjected to a lot of wear and tear over the course of our life. Enamel helps to protect teeth from decay. Proper habits and a good diet can go a long way in keeping your teeth strong. In this article, we will be discussing a few simple methods to keep your teeth healthy.

Minimise the intake of sugary foods and drinksSugar is detrimental to oral hygiene. It can help bacteria stick to the surface of the teeth. Bacteria will convert this sugar into acid in a short period of time. This will cause teeth enamel to decay. Soft drinks contain a lot of acids. Soft drinks that have artificial sweeteners will have less of an impact than those with sugar. But frequent consumption will wear down the enamel. It is best to stick to water when you’re thirsty. You can also try healthy alternatives like tea and milk.

Consume food that protects enamelCalcium can protect teeth from decay. It can also strengthen your teeth and bones. Some examples of foods that help protect enamel are cheese, milk and other dairy products.

Take care not to over-brushCeramic braces in Singapore caution against improper brushing of teeth. You can damage enamel by brushing teeth too fast or too hard. The brush should be help at a 45 degrees angle to the gums. It should have soft bristles that will be gentle on the teeth and gums. Move the brush back and forth in small gentle circular movements. Brush your teeth after about one house of consuming sugary or citrus food.

Use fluorideFluoride helps to strengthen the enamel and helps repair tooth decay. It can also make your teeth more resistant to acids. Make sure that the toothpaste you use contains fluoride. You can also use a mouth wash that has fluoride. You can prevent the formation of cavities through this habit.

Treating eating disorders and heartburnIn cases where people are suffering severe heartburn, the acids are likely to escape and reach your mouth. This will cause the enamel to erode. Another method that causes erosion is bulimia or eating disorders where the patient vomits food after consuming. If you suffer from such a condition, visit nearest clinic to know about treatment procedures.

Chlorinated poolsThis is something people tend to miss. If a swimming pool isn’t chlorinated properly, the water in it might become acidic. This can affect teeth poorly. You can check with the management of your recreation centre or gym to get an idea about the chlorine levels in the pool. Make sure they are checked regularly. If you certainly have your own pool, tend to its maintenance diligently or hire a cleaning service.