Tips For Packaging And Shipping Your Presents For Young Adults

You might think that you need years of experience for packing presents like a pro, but in contrast all you need is preemptive thinking and a whole lot of planning ahead. By the time Halloween rolls around the corner, you will have to figure out about thanksgiving and also Christmas. So that time the first thing that might come into your head is the food and the presents, and the things you have to send off too now that you’ve become an adult (in your parent’s words, not yours). But generally speaking your family would not expect much from you even if you are working, and if you are really hard for cash you can put in amounts and give presents as a whole family affair. But if you do end up buying and have to ship off items for people across the world, then here is how-to tips for getting the work done like a pro.

Get the right box for the present

Before you venture out to start off and finish off the packing, figure out what kind of boxes you need first. If you have a bunch of headphones store in Singapore for your younger cousins, then you can pack them with the bubble mailers and padded envelopes instead of going to the trouble of getting boxes. You can get the fancy holiday ones from the post office or buy them online with rest of the presents. Make sure that the box is not too big for the present or you will need a lot of padding to get it off through shipping in one piece.

If you want to mail one huge box for each family (which is cheaper), then you should use bubble wrap and packing peanuts for the box and the items and place them away from rubbing distance.

Taping and labeling properly

Make sure to give the box a gentle shake before taping it off to see if anything is rattling inside. If the rattling is there then you need more packing peanuts and newspapers inside. If you are getting a box for multiple or single items, then tape the bottom of the box before putting the items in. this way there is less risk of the bottom falling off. Also it is advised to tape along the seams as well, so in the end you will have an H taped to the bottom and top of the box. And if you have items you want the shippers to be careful about (like a fancy figuring for your grandma or the branded online headphones for the cousin) then write down a note on top of the box.

If you are a sustainable person and want to reuse an old box, then simply take off the old labels and cross of the marks and use the box again.