Unique Features Of Bamboo

Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family. Most people mistake it for a tree because of its growth and woody stem. Bamboo without a doubt is a gem of the nature. It is used for food, clothing and even shelter. It is also used in the manufacture of great deal of day-to-day products because of its unique qualities.

Properties of Bamboo

Bamboo has become increasingly popular amongst the furniture manufactures and interior designers due to their combined possibilities of design and durability. Its special properties have been in the use of craftsmanship in Asia for a very long time. In the recent years with the rapidly pacing modern era the rapid regenerative properties of Bamboo people are embracing to increase the usage of bamboo as an economical and sustainable substitute for heavily processed materials.

Uses of Bamboo in your property

The shade provided by a bamboo can make your house feel up to 15 degrees cooler that the outside temperature. Bamboo has a very high tensile strength thus makes it a great construction material. This great property of bamboo carries over into materials made from it such as wind breaks, bamboo blinds in Singapore and visual shields. Due to its durability and eco-friendly nature bamboo is been widely used as an interior window covering. It is absolutely perfect as a shade as it both eco accommodating and provides an ethic ambience inside.

Bamboo blinds offer a great deal of design benefits. Due to bamboo’s natural components it makes it the perfect material for the manufacture of window covering products. They provide chic and elegance to any environment. They are used in the window covering industry mainly because they control sunlight and have the ability to withstand sunlight for a long period of time. Adding to the benefits they are available in any forms Korean blinds, woven wood blinds & matchstick blinds. These facilities are widely available, these services also provide fringe benefits such as customization and installations.

Styling with Bamboo

The burnt wood pattern and the matte polished appearances of bamboo best suit for outdoor as they provide a very natural look. If you are looking for classy and casual the woven bamboo blinds would best suit you. Matchsticks are best for interior, not only do they provide a classic look they would contribute to the reduced usage of air conditioning. Along with providing an eco-friendly window covering the bamboo blinds are great in terms of being budget friendly.